• Scout TV

    Scout TV – Description Scout TV is a new project of ISCR where participants will be able to learn basic filmmaking and production. The Centre has all the necessary equipment for that school. After training, we will launch online television on Youtube and Facebook, where participants will create interesting mini tv shows about scouting, the […]

  • ISCR New Project

    New opportunities to increase the competencies and involvement of young people living in Kvemo Kartli. To help them better represent and advocate for the needs and rights of their community, it is planned to organize discussions and trainings to promote youth participation in political processes. All this will take place within the joint project of […]

  • #ISCRNow

    Did you miss International Scout Centre Rustavi? Take a look at our centre, our green fields and sunny centre is so eager to host you!

  • Scout School

    Non-formal Education is one of the major instrument for kid’s personal development. Unfortunately, kids and youngsters in Rustavi, Georgia does not have enough possibilities to attend different types of clubs, Sunday schools and etc. There are couple of NGOs which are eager to offer services to youngsters but they do not have proper equipment, intellectual […]

  • “Strong Leaders for Sustainable Future”

    During 15.10.18 – 21.10.18. International training “Strong Leaders for Sustainable Future” was held in Rustavi,International Scout Cente Rustavi. The project was implemented with the support of the Leadership Fund.  Organizers Armenia – Girl Guides and Girl Scouts Union (NUGGGS) Աղջիկ Սկաուտների և Գայդերի Ազգային Միավորում – ԱՍԳԱՄ / NUGGGS Partner organizations  Georgia – Georgian Girl Scouts Dia Georgian Girl Scouts […]

  • Youth mobility project – “Change Yourself Change Society”

    Short summary  of the  project participant During 13.10.18 – 21.10.18 youth mobility project – “Change Yourself Change Society” was held in Georgia, Rustavi. The project was about how the young people can be included in the policy-making process, how to cooperate with governmental or non- governmental organs. In total 36 participants from 4 different countries […]

  • Congratulations on the beginning of the new fall semester !!!

    Congratulations to the new semester Scouts of Kvemo Kartli offered entertainment and cognitive program to our little  guests ⚜️  We had such a nice and funny day with our guests at the International Scout Center of Rustavi  Thanks to all the organizers for the hard work, also to our participants for such an active engagement We […]

  • Multicultural camp in ISCR

    On 5 October Nongovernmental Organization Women’s gaze, started the multicultural camp in the International Scout Center Rustavi. Camp was held within the Project called “multicultural bridges” and it finished on 7 October.Camp was financed by United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) and the participants were the women from different minority groups  from Georgia.  

  • Civil Integration Youth Camp in ISCR

    The presentation of youth camp of the civil integration which was organized by NGO “SIKA”   was held at the International Scout Centre Rustavi (ISCR).  The guests of the ISCR were Georgian and Azerbaijani pupils from 24 public schools of Kvemo Kartli region. Participants of the project, with the help of local leaders, will discuss the […]

  • Three-Day Seminar in ISCR

    On November 22, 2013, International Scout Centre Rustavi (ISCR) started the training  – “Fundraising and Project Management”. The participants were the representatives of the municipalities of Kvemo Kartli.  The training goes within the framework of the project  “Facilitate the integration of ethnic minorities In Georgia” which is implemented by the Ministry of Sport and Youth […]

  • ISCR Room Opening at KISC

    On November 9, 2013 International Scout Centre Rustavi was invited to the international event on Kandersteg International Scout Centre. Within the framework of this event, the heads of scout centers from different countries arranged the special areas for the popularization of their countries. It is notable that ISCR has a room, which will be opened […]