February 22, the day marked by the establishment of Scout Movement

Scout Organizations exist in many countries, which have a specific statute and objectives. Scouting in Georgia has a two-stage history, split in the Communist era. There is evidence that in Georgian Province of Russian Empire, the prince Baratov formed a Scout unit, who had connections with the founder of Russian Scouting-Pantiukh.In Democratic Republic of Georgia, the first scout patrols appeared in Batumi, Achara. The family archives preserved the names of the first scouts: Chichinadze, Abashidze, Baratashvili. During the period of Communist rule, scouting, as an unacceptable movement to the Soviet system, was prohibited. Scout movements became allowed only after Georgia gained independence.Youth initiative team made first steps in forming Scouting, supported by “Youth International Foundation of Georgia”. In August 1993, “Scout Organization Movement of Georgia” held its first founding assembly. On January 14th of 1994, organization was officially registered.
In Georgia, Scouting development starts from 1993. Accordingly, in August of 2013, Georgian Scouting has its 20th Birthday.Scouting is about personal development, discovering one’s resources, skill development, new friends, adventures, healthy lifestyle, living in nature and working in small group projects. It helps youth to mature harmoniously and express their full physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual potential; evolves full-fledged citizens of a local, national and international community.Youth Scout movement was founded in the UK. Since 1907, it has been spreading to nearly every country in the world.
Lord Baden Powell was author and inspirer of the idea. Currently, World Organization of Scout Movement unites 161 countries Scout Organization. There are more than 30 million Scouts, youth and adults, boys and girls, in 161 countries. It is the world’s largest international organization.

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