General Terms and Conditions

International Scout Centre Rustavi (ISCR) is a scout centre: which means that the price and levels of service differ to those of a hotel or campsite. Therefore, it is essential that guests respect all rules and guidelines given by the centre and, that a scout or guide, keeps the scout/guide law in mind at all times. Groups staying at the centre must have at least one adult (18 years or more) responsible for the group.

It is possible to stay at ISCR on a basis of overnight accommodation and also on a “contract only” basis, i.e. purely catering, use of meeting rooms or program. Also conferences and seminar packages are available. After receiving your request for accommodation by either email, a web booking form, telephone or in person, ISCR will prepare a provisional booking and send you a booking form along with all relevant information.

Booking Fee
In order to confirm your booking, you will also be asked to pay a booking fee (due date is stated on the booking form), which is equal to 50% of the total overnight fee, with a minimum of 12 USD per person. This must be paid before the due date to secure the booking.

Confirmed Booking
The booking will be confirmed when the signed booking form and the booking fee is paid. You will receive from ISCR a booking confirmation along with order forms for both program and catering. No reservations for program and/or catering can be accepted before a booking is confirmed.

Full Cancellation
In case of a full cancellation more than 90 days before the date of arrival, half of the received booking fee will be reimbursed. In case of a full cancellation afterwards the booking fee will be retained in full. Any bank charges caused by cancellations have to be paid by the guest. Full cancellation by the centre: The centre is entitled to cancel bookings in case of force majeure at any time without prior notice. In such a case, any booking fee already paid will be reimbursed in full.

Partial Cancellation
If a group reduces its participants from the original booked total participants less than 90 days prior to arrival, an administration fee of 12 USD (or the full amount if less) will be added to the bill for each participant that does not check in. If a group decides to depart earlier, all booked overnights (including those not used) will be charged at full price as an administration fee.

ISCR has two pricing bands: scouts and non-scouts. The definition of a scout is “he or she is a member of a National Scout Organisation recognized by either WOSM or WAGGGS”. Groups must state in which pricing band they fall and be able to prove their eligibility for it. ISCR reserves the right to move a group into another price band if they do not meet, or can not prove that they meet, the criteria for the band they have applied for. ISCR reserves the right to change prices without prior notice. Children up to the age of 3, who are staying for free in indoor accommodation, have no right to own beds. They can be accommodated in a cot supplied by the guests or ISCR.

Bills are due at the end of the booking period and should be settled in full the day before de­parture. Payment should be made in cash or by credit or debit card in Georgian US Dollars. For all payments made with a card a 2% charge of the total amount will be added to the bill. Any change in currency exchange rates, costs incurred and/or any bank charges are to be paid by the guest.

Pick Up and Transfer of luggage
ISCR offers guests a luggage transfer service, at an extra cost, from the railway station or airport to the centre. The group itself is responsible for loading and unloading luggage for trans­port by ISCR staff. We only accept responsibility for damage if it is caused by malicious or grossly negligent conduct of ISCR staff. Therefore, sensitive or breakable objects such as musical instruments, video equipment, televisions, cameras, telephones, stereos etc. cannot be transported. Luggage runs must be booked in advance.

Meals must be requested at least 24 hours in advance either by using the meals order form, email, telephone or in person. Meals booked can be cancelled up to 24 hours in advance. Meals not cancelled 24 hours in advance will be charged. However when arranged in good time, a packed lunch or a safe can be provided as a replacement for a meal not taken. On arrival, you will be asked to check your catering arrangements and sign to confirm.

If you cancel any activity with less than 48 hours notice there is a fee of 2.50 USD per person, or half the total price (whichever is greater). This applies to all centre activities, including the free of charge ones. There is no charge if a person is sick or injured. If the activity is not run by the centre (e.g. river rafting, paragliding, mountain biking, etc.) then you may have to pay the full price if you cancel with less than 48 hours notice. This is normal Georgian practice.

ISCR works hard to ensure the safety of our guests in all areas. With the provisional booking, a guest declaration is sent to you (the group leader). You (the group leader) must read this docu­ment and indicate on the booking form that you have read and understood it. The latest time to hand in a completed booking form is upon arrival. If the booking form is not completed or you refuse to declare that you have read and understood it, you will not be allowed to stay at the centre. Other centre bookings, for example catering or program, will be can­celled imme­diately and the relevant cancellation fees added to your bill. Safety at ISCR is very important but we rely on you, the group leader, to follow the advice of ISCR staff and take responsibility for your group.

Photo and Video
Any photographs, video footage or voice recording, taken during your stay and/or on ISCR activities, which contain members of your group can be used by ISCR for promotional pur­poses.

ISCR Rules

  1. Quiet Time is from 22:30 to 07.30.
  2. Smoking is forbidden in all buildings.
  3. All fire regulations must be followed.
  4. Fireworks are forbidden on ISCR property.
  5. Alcohol is forbidden at the centre

Further information can be found in the rules and regulations document.

Other rules:

  • Any form of commercial activities, the selling of alcohol and/or the organisation of parties on the property of the centre is only allowed when explicitly approved in writing by the centre.
  • ISCR accepts no responsibility for the lost or damage to personal property during your stay at ISCR.
  • No pets (i.e. dogs, cats etc.) can be brought inside the buildings unless otherwise agreed in advance and all animals on ISCR property must be controlled by their owners.
  • In cases of gross breach of the rules and/or the general terms and conditions, guests can be dismissed from ISCR premises. In such a case, ISCR retains its right to payment for any services already booked and not used.

By signing the booking form the general terms and conditions, the rules and the
guest declaration are accepted as binding.