New EVS volunteers In ISCR

Meet our new EVS volunteers,

Finja: My name is Finja Sander, I’m the EVS-volunteer from Germany. I was born in Leipzig, which is located in the eastern part of Germany. As I’m 18 years old I just finished school this summer before I came here.
Since I am 9 years old I do sincronized swimming and I also play the bassguitar in an Indie Rock-Band.
During my 6 months in Georgia I’m going to teach German and Spanish at the GYE office, write programs for Erasmus+ and help the staffmembers in the maintance.







Pierre: Hello my name is Pierre, I’m twenty one years old! I come from France to be more specific Dunkerque near to Lille northern part of France! I came to Georgia to do a EVS at the ISCR! I will stay 6 months in Rustavi ! See you soon!







Finja and Pierre with our scouts






We wish them successful volunteering in ISCR !

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