Rediscovering our ways

On February 17th, International Scout Centre Rustavi hosted exchange program “Rediscovering Our Ways”- groups from Estonia, Latvia and Moldova. Within our project, representatives of the different countries carried out numerous activities. The participants performed for local youth at Shota Rustaveli library. They staged flash mob on the main square of the city, in intention to learn national folk dance moves.
Centre guests had an opportunity to explore Kakheti region where they visited one of the most historical architectural monuments of Alaverdi (XI century) and Gremi (XV century). They were enchanted by the architectural buildings and culture of Georgia. On the same day, participants went to “Teliani Valley” enterprise, where traditional methods of wine making and storing were introduced; in the factory cellar guests degusted several types of wine.
Project partakers went on a tour to Sighnaghi, one of the most mesmerizing city of Kakheti; they were fascinated by Georgian culture heritage and how the old fragments of the city are knitted into today’s contemporary urban.
At the end of the day, they came pleasantly tired back to International Scout Centre Rustavi. One of the project participator and Moldavian team leader, Vitaly Popov, returned home with future plans and ideas. The end of the project turned out to be the hardest part, after all ten-day adventures and living together, participants had a hard time to depart.

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