Hike trip in Armazi Valley

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On 6th and 7th of April, Rustavi International Scout Centre and Kvemo Kartli Scout Organization arranged collective hike in Armazi ravine. More than forty youngsters participated in Scout hike. Backpackers covered 4km hiking path in forty minutes and camped on already chosen location. Scout Centre Rustavi staff helped inexperienced hikers in putting up the tents, meanwhile dinner time had come and everyone greatly enjoyed food-cooked on the camp fire.
Engaging and educational Scout trip was well planned and schemed in advance. Scout leaders masterminded games and other intellectual and athletic activities. In the evening, everyone peacefully sat around the campfire, got knew other better and shared their impressions from the day. After the Scout fire, participants were divided into the small groups and got engaged in the “night games”. All the partakers were strictly keeping the rules; the groups were facing many obstacles at night, they were following hints and were returning back to start with accomplished missions.
The next day, “The Youth for Europe” Estonian volunteer helped participants to get acquainted with the hike rules. According to precendently designed schedule, attendants examined nearby Armazi territories. (The river on the left side of the ravine on the top of the mountain, enchanting view from Armazi Fortress, Arsena cave, beautifully erected mountains on the right side of the ravine). In Armazi fortress- was discovered the ruins of the royal palace, ancient bath, abutments and other unique items which are currently stored in National Museum. Participators restored images of the past, compared Armazi fortress to other sites they have seen, shot memorable photos and returned to the camp singing Scout anthem.
Hiking in the first place, is one of the best ways to personal privacy and examination. During the walk, the one can better feel and comprehend the beauty of the site.
Armazi Valley hosted a community of forty people, each of whom found peace in them and enjoyed the trip at its best.
International Scout Centre wishes all beginner adventurers more boldness to discover secrets of nature and understanding of its own success.
Similar scouting trips are planned in the future as well.

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