Scout School

Non-formal Education is one of the major instrument for kid’s personal development. Unfortunately, kids and youngsters in Rustavi, Georgia does not have enough possibilities to attend different types of clubs, Sunday schools and etc. There are couple of NGOs which are eager to offer services to youngsters but they do not have proper equipment, intellectual resource, up to date program and international experience.

In the modern society formal and standardised learning is becoming insufficient. Necessity of individual learning based on discovery and improving self-esteem is the basis of Scout School. Scout School provides proper values for youngsters like: tolerance, volunteering, respecting minorities and desire of creative work.

Participants will gain skills which will help them to manage their own life and career. With a method of „Learning by doing“ participants will develope:

  • Co-working and communication skills
  • Presenting their own ideas using proper arguments
  • Working in a teams and pairs
  • Creating products by their own (Could be piece of art or healthy salad)
  • Identifying their community problems and solve them.
  • And the most important- Scout friends.  

Our aim is to involve all the stakeholders in field of youth.  For the best results we want to include all the experienced actors, proven approaches of developed countries and initiate cooperation of different generations.

Main topics of Scout School programs:

  • Introspection
  • Scouting, Scout methodology
  • My community
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Art and Culture
  • Funny Science
  • Volunteering
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