• Travel through the world of cinema

    On November 30, at 14:00 AM, by the initiative and financial support of the Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency (SDC), The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the “Caucasus Cooperation Foundation for Youth Development” at the hall of the International Scout Centre Rustavi (ISCR) will be held the film show of the […]

  • One Path Leads to Another

    From 11 october to 18 october the groups from several countries -Georgia, Armenia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain, Turkey, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic. visited International Scout Centre of Rustavi (ISCR). The main topics for the representatives of these 10 countries was “ One Path Leads to Another” Development of eco-tourism, environmental protection and agricultural development – […]

  • Urban Creatures

    On September 22, in the framework of the exchange program – “Urban Creation” – the groups from Georgia Armenia, Slovenia and Poland visited International Scout Centre of Rustavi. Visitors fulfilled many activities within the framework of the program. Participants performed the “Street Art”, the Inter-Cultural evening, which showed the traditions of various countries, and also […]

  • Exchange Programme “Cross the Culture”

    On July 1st, in the framework of Exchange Program “Cross The Culture” the representatives from Belgium, Italy, Estonia, Armenia and Georgia visited International Scout Center of Rustavi. Visitors fulfilled many activities within the framework of the program. Participants performed the flash mob at the city’s main square, which aimed to explore the national dance movements. […]

  • Opening ceremony of International Scout Centre Rustavi

    The grand opening ceremony of International Scout Centre Rustavi was held on 21st of June. As we have mentioned many times, our Scout Centre aims to promote scouting development in Georgia, support youth organizations and to encourage future international exchange programs. International Scout Centre includes European quality of buildings, youth centre and camping area. The […]

  • Five-Day Seminar in ISCR

    Within the Civic Education and Teacher Training Program, Rustavi Scout Centre held five-day training courses. The seminar was intended for Azeri language speakers and aimed at the idea of integration and development of the relations between Non-Georgian cultures. The participators of the seminar included both Georgian and Azeri teachers as well as youth. In frames […]

  • Go Green Action “Plant Your Future” in ISCR

    Clean, healthy action “Plant Your Future” took place in ISCR on 14th of April. The event was initiated by Georgian Organization of the Scout Movement. ISCR employees, Kvemo Kartli Organization of Scout Movement, Tbilisi scouts, Youth Initiative Regional Association “YIRA”, Parent Association of Children with Nervous Diseases and Kvemo Kartli regional television journalists were participating […]

  • Hike trip in Armazi Valley

    On 6th and 7th of April, Rustavi International Scout Centre and Kvemo Kartli Scout Organization arranged collective hike in Armazi ravine. More than forty youngsters participated in Scout hike. Backpackers covered 4km hiking path in forty minutes and camped on already chosen location. Scout Centre Rustavi staff helped inexperienced hikers in putting up the tents, […]

  • Seminar in ISCR

    International Scout Centre Rustavi accommodated representatives of 12 countries. Project covered international seminar-“Youth Policy Development-Challenges and Achievements”. The seminar in which 12 following countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Belorussia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Romania- were participating, was financed by European Commission and supported in frames of “Youth in Action Programme”. The organization […]

  • Three-Day Training in ISCR

    Rustavi Scout Centre held three-day training on Unity in Diversity, in frames of Georgian and Swiss Scouts. Members of regional board of Kvemo Kartli, Tbilisi and regional organizations’ initiative groups were actively involved in the visit; as well as, members of Shida Kartli and Imereti. The topic of the training was the development of regional […]

  • International Scout Centre Rustavi held the project “Rustavi on Bikes”

    On March 23, the presentation of “Rustavi on Bikes” was held with the support of “Georgian Youth for Europe”. Within the project, the gathered participants used bicycles provided by Rustavi City Hall and got involved in various activities. 50 applicants were registered in the project. “Rustavi on Bikes” included activities such as: how to ride […]